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Sedona Ortega Success Pic!

Empowering Success: Sedona Ortega's Journey from The Launch Pad Teen to Community Leader

Prescott, Arizona has always been home to Sedona Ortega. But her journey from a young student grappling with the challenges of growing up to a confident, empowered, aspiring community leader began when she stepped into The Launch Pad Teen Center.

"I first got involved with The Launch Pad Teen Center when I was in 5th grade and remained an active member through my senior year of high school."

Her first grant writing experience was through The Launch Pad's "Plan-It Grant" which helped fund events for a club she started. This experience set the stage for her to apply for grants, create grant applications, and review grants for other organizations such as the Arizona Commission on the Arts.

As she progressed through high school, Sedona's commitment to community engagement deepened through her involvement in the Teen Advisory Council. "It was one of the most meaningful activities I've been a part of," she emphasizes. "It equipped me with leadership skills, helped me forge lasting friendships, and empowered me to address challenges in our community."

The collaborative environment at The Launch Pad also fostered personal growth. "The Kolbe Assessment we did helped us understand ourselves and each other better," Sedona recalls. "It was instrumental in building stronger relationships and more effective teamwork."

For Sedona, The Launch Pad wasn't just a place—it was a sanctuary. "The Launch Pad is so important to me because it is one of the places that I felt most safe and welcome when I was living in Prescott. It also provides resources for creative projects, academic support, and leadership development. If you are not familiar with The Launch Pad, my best suggestion is to stop in and visit!! It is a space that is open to everyone."

Her experiences at The Launch Pad have had a lasting impact on Sedona's trajectory. "I'm now pursuing a degree in Sociology and Music at Reed College," she shares proudly. "My time at The Launch Pad heavily influenced my academic path and career aspirations."

“There were times, especially during high school, when I felt discouraged with or uncomfortable in the Prescott community. The Launch Pad created a space for me to express myself artistically, make some of my deepest connections, and grow my leadership skills. I always felt safe and supported at The Launch Pad by the staff and my peers. The work I have done at The Launch Pad has also inspired me to continue working with nonprofits throughout college and possibly as a career. I truly feel like I became the person I am today and can attribute much of my academic and interpersonal successes to my time at The Launch Pad. Courtney is a role model for me," Sedona says with admiration. "I aspire to create communities as beautiful and supportive as the one she's built one day."

In Sedona Ortega, The Launch Pad Teen Center has not only nurtured a bright individual but also sparked a beacon of hope for countless others. As she continues to soar, her journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of community support and empowerment.