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Victoria Pomeroy: Embracing Individuality and Empowering Others at The Launch Pad Teen Center

Victoria Pomeroy's journey from a vulnerable teen to a confident, empowered adult is a testament to the transformative influence of community support and empowerment, with her formative years at The Launch Pad Teen Center (TLP) shaping her path in profound ways.

Active with TLP from 2012 until she embarked on her college journey in 2016, Victoria's connection with the center ran deep. "Courtney, and later The Launch Pad once it was established, was many things to me," Victoria reflects. "A cause I could fight for. A reason to be important, a reason to matter."

For Victoria, TLP wasn't just a place to spend time—it was a sanctuary from the chaos of foster care and family drama, a haven where she could find solace and support. "It was a safe haven from foster and family drama," she shares. "A place to hang out with friends—a place to learn how to socialize after years of heavy isolation."

Through her involvement with TLP, Victoria discovered more than just a sense of belonging—she found her voice and a platform to express herself. "The Launch Pad helped me find a voice and ground to stand on after years of forced silence and instability," she explains. "They helped me learn how to lead when to speak up, and even helped me learn how to pick my battles."

Moreover, Victoria learned valuable lessons about acceptance and the power of individuality during her time at TLP. "That not every teenager is close-minded and judgmental, and that being weird/different was not something to be orchestrated or scared of—though that realization was years in the making," she reflects.

Her experiences at TLP also instilled in Victoria a profound belief in the impact individuals can have, regardless of age. "And that, despite how large the world is, a single person can actually make an impact on the world/community/people's lives—even as kids," she emphasizes.

Now residing in Washington and pursuing her passion for storytelling, Victoria credits TLP for instilling in her a sense of purpose and resilience. "I don't know who I'd be if I had never met Courtney or if my fosters had kept me from joining TLP meetings and events in those early days," she reflects. "It was simply too significant. Life has led me away from Prescott and the TLP community. But Courtney is a wonderful woman, who has managed to bring the hopes and dreams of a handful of (mostly) strangers and a bunch of teens a reality (with a lot of help, admittedly). TLP won't appeal to everyone. It can't help everyone, but that's ok. But, if anyone finds themselves needing a place to be themselves, and are courageous enough to seek out TLP's (still new to me!) location, then they might just find a place of support and belonging. Or a cause to fight for. Or volunteer hours. Or tutoring, or whatever other programs are currently running!! “

Victoria's journey—from a vulnerable teenager seeking refuge at TLP to a confident, empowered adult—underscores the transformative potential of youth empowerment programs like TLP. Through support, guidance, and a nurturing environment, Victoria emerged as a resilient, empowered individual ready to make her mark on the world—a testament to the power of community, acceptance, and the enduring impact of finding voice and purpose.