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Xavier Success Story

From Teen Center to Crossfit Enthusiast: Xavier Giangregorio's Journey

In the bustling halls of The Launch Pad Teen Center (TLP), stories of transformation and growth echo through the years. Among those tales stands Xavier Giangregorio, a young individual whose journey from TLP teen to Barista and college student, embodies the center's mission of empowerment and support.

Xavier Giangregorio, was at The Launch Pad Teen Center between 2017 to 2020. His journey at TLP was more than just a stint at a youth center—it was a transformative experience that laid the foundation for his future endeavors.

Xavier's involvement at TLP was comprehensive, spanning across various programs that the center offered. "I was involved in pretty much everything TLP had to offer at the time," he reflects. "From outdoor camps and activities to learning how to be an adult." Among the programs, CrossFit held a special place in his heart. Despite being one of just a couple of participants from TLP, Xavier dove headfirst into the program, showcasing his determination and drive.

Xavier's journey at TLP wasn't solely about structured programs; it was also about the invaluable lessons he learned from his mentors and staff. "As a very introverted person, I hung out with the adults that ran the place," Xavier admits. "Learning and talking to college students who helped TLP was responsible for a lot of my growth in life that I still keep today."

TLP wasn't just a center; it was a sanctuary—a safe space where Xavier could explore his interests, learn from mentors, and forge deep connections. "TLP created a safe space to try new things and branch out to more avenues in life," Xavier emphasizes. "Being there for so long, I saw many new staff come and go, but they all had the same energy about them—they all wanted to help kids grow and learn and get a jump start into adulthood."

Reflecting on his journey, Xavier is eager to share his experience with others. "TLP is a place full of knowledge and people who care about the growth of kids," he asserts. "Take the time to get to know the people who run the place, and you will have some good friends and support on your side whenever you need it."

But Xavier's story continues after TLP. Armed with newfound skills and confidence, he embarked on a path of success. "After taking a barista certification course TLP hosted, I landed my first job a couple of years ago at a college coffee shop," Xavier proudly shares. "I moved my way up to being a manager." And his journey continues as he prepares to pursue a degree in computer science at Northern Arizona University.

For Xavier, TLP was more than just a teen center—it was a launchpad to success. "When I first started coming to The Launch Pad, I never thought that the time I spent there would be the most memorable in my adult years now," he reflects. "Jump headfirst and try new things even if you are as introverted as I was. Don't miss the opportunity to learn valuable things that will take you a long way in the rest of your life."

As Xavier's story illustrates, TLP isn't just a place—it's a catalyst for dreams, a haven for growth, and a community that believes in the potential of every teenager who walks through its doors.